Now Offering BlockCam & BlokAlert

Ashley Sling now offers two BlokCorp products: BlokCam and BlokAlert. Crosby’s BlokCorp products were developed with the importance of crane operations in mind. Both the BlokCam and BlokAlert products offer audio-visual technology to assist in the safety and productivity on job sites.

About BlokCam

BlokCam is a wireless system that can be deployed to the hook or boom tip of a crane. The sound and view from below the camera are transmitted and received to a screen in the cab. This allows the operator to see and hear the load and surroundings. This type of view allows extra security that operators would not typically have.

Overall, BlokCam offers a variety of safety benefits by reducing hazards, reducing stress for the operator, improving communication, reducing number of blind lifts, among other safety factors. In addition to increased safety, it also helps productivity. The BlokCam improves lift times by allowing more awareness to the operator’s surroundings, which improves the bottom line of the projects. Additionally, the number of adjustments and corrections decrease, since operators now have better visuals during blind or difficult lifts.

BlokCam 2

About BlokAlert

BlokAlert is an audio-visual warning system that can be deployed to the hook of a crane. When in use, the BlokAlert receiver gives out an audio-visual signal that can be heard by site personnel in proximity to the hook block or load. The sound warns the crew to the position of the hook block and reduces the risk of being struck by the crane’s hook block or load.

The idea behind BlokAlert is to improve the traditional warning horn. Horns are often located near the operator’s cab, which does not efficiently warn crews to the hook block or load. By placing the warning sound directly on the hook block, the warning sound and the location of the load are better aligned. This draws the crews’ attention towards the potential hazards, rather than to the sound coming from the cab.

BlokAlert in use
BlokAlert in use

If you’re looking to improve communication, safety and productivity, BlokCorp’s products are a great start. Fill out our Get A Quote form to receive pricing for BlokCam and BlokAlert.

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