Ashley Sling Celebrates 30th Anniversary

March 2022 marks the 30th anniversary for Ashley Sling, Inc. Over the last 30 years, Ashley Sling’s owners, and brothers, Greg, David, and Mike Ashley built a company with the mission to offer high quality lifting products. They have succeeded in their mission in various ways, and with much credit to their hard work as well as their history in the industry.

Our History

While Ashley Sling was founded in 1992, the company’s story began much earlier. Robert Ashley, father to Ashley Sling owners, played an integral part in Atlanta’s wire rope and sling industry. His legacy began when opening Superior Rope & Sling with his partners in 1971. Robert influenced different aspects of the industry including his helping in founding Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF). His passion for the industry effected his sons as well, who all decided to join him at Superior Rope & Sling. Once Robert retired, Greg, David, and Mike decided to start a business of their own.

In 1992, Greg, David, and Mike formed Ashley Sling, Inc. Starting with only a few employees, they ran a very hands-on operation and did much of the day-to-day fabrication themselves. With their minds set on quality products and exceptional customer service, they grew their small facility into one of the top choices for rigging products and services in the Atlanta area. Later, Ashley Sling extended their reach beyond the Atlanta area into multiple locations in the southeast. Now, there are four different branches located in Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Knoxville, TN, and Columbus, MS.

While the industry has evolved, Ashley Sling has remained constant in their mission to provide high quality lifting products. Greg Ashley, Owner & President, remarked, “We could not have grown into the business we are today without the help of our team, many of who have been loyal and dedicated to working with us since early on. We are also thankful for our customers, who continue to trust our quality products and expertise.” He added, “We are thankful for our achievements over the last thirty years and we look forward to what lies ahead for Ashley Sling.”

"We are thankful for our achievements over the last thirty years and we look forward to what lies ahead for Ashley Sling"

- Greg Ashley, Owner & President

A look Back over the Years:

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